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Even in 1922, cars were already too fast - at least in the opinion of the English "custodians of the law" who wanted to see speed limits on the roads in England. And so the speedometer was invented.

This led in a sense the to the founding of GEMO, the GEbrüder MOritz, in Berlin: The grandfather of the company's present boss, Detlef Moritz, seized the opportunity to develop the process for the first endless speedometer shaft production.

Wherever power has to be transmitted from one point to another, customers worldwide put their faith in the GEMO. Flexible shafts and control cables are produced for a very wide range of fields of application.

Our main customer is the automotive industry, but GEMO is also a reliable partner for other sectors of trade and industry. Extensive experience in a wide variety of technical fields of application and the close cooperation with our customers form the basis for the development of innovative power transmission solutions.

In 2004 the independent polish section of GEMO company, named GEMO-Silesia Sp. z o.o., was created in Chorzow.

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